“Whilst in New York I started a band called Black Acid. I had in mind getting two guitarists: one a Ron Asheton type of straight up rock n roll player, playing against a more MBV/Kevin Shields style of playing, someone who could make a wall of sound. There was only one guitarist I could think of and that was Oliver from A Place to Bury Strangers.

Oliver had an DIY effects company operating out of his loft in Williamsburg and he made these awesome guitar pedals with such names as Total Sonic Annihilation and the Apocalypse. So, Oliver came on board we rehearsed for about a year in Oliver’s loft and fun times were had by all.

To be honest if it wasn’t for Oliver there wouldn’t have been a Black Acid at all. He was so incredibly supportive of the band.

Then A Place to Bury Strangers singed to Mute and things got kinda busy for him and thus he left. However he left his mark on the band even as much as rehearsing the next guitarist and teaching him how to use the custom pedal set up he had put together for Black Acid. A fantastic band, amazing bunch a guys. Here’s a remix I did for them”